DR_LogoDresser-Rand has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of diesel and natural gas engines since 1966. Covering a wide range from 150 to 1,240 kW of power, Dresser-Rand’s gas engines are a benchmark in their class. Perfect solutions for the installation of cogeneration and trigeneration  groups that represent one of the best ways to reduce costs in the energy supply while taking care of our environment.

Valley Power has teamed with Dresser-Rand to offer our customers a natural gas solution to their power needs.

These high-efficiency, low-emission gas engines are designed for stationary, continuous-duty operation. Dresser-Rand engines service a wide array of commercial, industrial and municipal applications:



Dresser-Rand engines use the latest supercharging and fuel injection technologies, which increase power, reduce fuel consumption, and optimize maintenance costs. They can be powered by natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, flare gas, and a wide variety of other fuel sources.

There are Dresser-Rand powered engines working all over the world. Valley Power Systems is a critical distribution and service supplier as well as a key component of their success in the U.S. market. To learn more about the superior features and benefits of Dresser-Rand, contact Valley Power Systems today.


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