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Diesel Engine Maintenance: The Basics

Diesel Engine Maintenance: The Basics

A well-maintained diesel engine can serve your business for many years. While these machines are widely known for their superior durability and high-quality performance, they can begin to wear down during their normal use. To keep your engine running at its best, getting routine diesel engine maintenance is essential. Here are some simple maintenance tips every business owner should know to care for a diesel engine.

1. Get Timely Oil Changes

Most manufacturers recommend changing oil every 3-5,000 miles or so. You may need to do this more often in severe driving conditions, such as:
  • Extremely hot or cold weather
  • Frequent stop-go driving in traffic
  • Towing trailers or other heavy vehicles regularly
Oil degrades over time, making it less effective at its job. Without periodic changes, the oil will thicken, creating sludge and other deposits that can have a disastrous effect on your engine. Fresh oil will keep your engine components clean and lubricated. This will help the engine...
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Power Outages Affecting Thousands in California

Power Outages Affecting Thousands in California

  Last week, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), California’s largest utility company, cut off power to more than 500,000 businesses and homes. This decision was included in the company’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) plan as a precaution against potential wildfires due to the strong winds that have spanned large portions of the state. PG&E officials say that more power outages could be scheduled depending on weather conditions in the coming weeks.  

Dealing With Power Outages

  PG&E has warned that power outages could last for days, even weeks for some customers, and the shut-offs are likely not over. After the PSPS plan is complete, one estimate finds that approximately 2.5 million people could be without the power they need to run their Damaged Power Lines Power Outages Valley Power Systems California businesses and/or households. This has left many Californians looking for ways to  prepare. Follow these tips to help you plan...
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Purchasing a Standby Generator?

8 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Standby Generator

  When it comes time for you to buy a new standby generator for your business, there are some important factors that will influence your purchase. With the many brands and types of generators available on the market today, we at Valley Power Systems want to help you  Standby Industrial Generator in California - Valley Power Systems make the right decision for your facility. Here are 8 things you should consider before choosing a generator.

1. Fuel Type

Natural gas and diesel are the two most common fuel types for standby generators. Both have their own benefits and selecting the right one for your facility will depend on your preferences. Natural gas is convenient because it is supplied directly through the utility line. It’s also one of the cleanest fossil fuels available, making it a good choice for businesses who worry about their environmental impact. Diesel...
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Caring for Your Industrial Engine

Caring for Your Industrial Engine

Industrial engines tend to get more use than regular engines, which can result in extra wear and tear on them and reduce their overall lifespan if they are not cared for properly. Industrial Engine Maintenance in California Valley Power Systems Regular engine maintenance is vital to ensuring consistent operation. Using the following tips can help your engine perform at its best.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Fresh oil is what keeps the various parts of your engine clean, cool, and lubricated. However, oil can begin to degrade over time, making older oil less effective than new oil. Oil changes should be performed at regular intervals to maximize oil performance.

Don’t Forget the Filter

Your filter allows your engine to breathe as it traps dirt, dust, and other debris to keep them from damaging the internal parts of your engine. However, your filter can become...
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Installing a New Commercial Generator

Factors to Consider When Installing a New Commercial Generator

Commercial generators provide industrial facilities with the backup power source that they’ll need in the event of a blackout. They are critical to keep operations running so that Valley Power Systems Generator California Service businesses experience minimal losses during a power failure. Not only are they able to provide a backup power solution, but some are used continuously for a variety of applications, such as at construction sites or remote work locations. A commercial generator can prove to be an invaluable investment, but there are a multitude of factors that you should take into account before installing one at your industrial facility.

Power Capacity

To make sure you select the right generator, you will need to determine if the power output of the unit is suitable for your needs. When sizing your generator, keep in mind that smaller generators typically won’t be able to handle the same...
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