Top 10 Generator Maintenance Tips

              1. Perform a daily quick check:
  • Oil Level
  • Coolant level (check at the pressure cap, not just the overflow bottle)
  • Alternator/water pump belt
  • Look for leaks under the generator. You might avoid an expensive problem by fixing a leak early.
2. Be sure the AC load breaker or switch is turned OFF when starting the generator, warm it up for a minute, then connect the load. When you shut down the generator, turn the breaker or switch OFF, let the generator cool down for a minute and then shut it off. This could prevent expensive failures of the automatic voltage regulator or generator diodes. 3. Turn OFF the shore power breaker at the dock before switching the generator on if you start at the dock. If the shore power switch is wearing out, the generator could momentarily or permanently connect to the shore power with catastrophic results. 4. Change the seawater pump annually before you start...
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5 Advantages of a Northern Lights Generator

    Northern Lights common service points, including filters, fills and drains are on a single side. In addition to easy access, this permits the generator set to be installed near a wall or bulkhead, saving valuable space. Other brands service points are difficult to access and dictate the genset’s placement in the engine room.   Northern Lights’ experienced engineering and high-quality components reduce belts and hoses to a minimum. Others use low-cost, unreliable belts and hoses used throughout, creating multiple failure points.   Northern Lights uses a single-piece cast iron heat exchanger, expansion tank and exhaust manifold making them resistant to corrosion and electrolysis. Others engine components are welded together. These welds can fail in a marine environment. Heat exchangers use aluminum or plastic intakes.   Northern Lights genset’s seawater pumps are gear driven (no belts) and use mechanical water seals. Others pumps are difficult to access, are belt driven and have rubber lip seals, which are prone to...
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All About Tier 3

Under what circumstances is a boat obliged to install a Tier 3 generator set?
  • Tier 3 is required on any yacht that will or does carry a US flag, any yacht that is built outside the US and imported in to the US for sale in the US.
Is Tier 3 required for a boat that is imported by a dealer into the US – but flagged elsewhere when sold?
  • An engine that is EPA certified can leave and re-enter the US. An engine without an EPA certification can not be used in the US and if it is exported can not be brought back into the US. A boat imported to the US for sale to the US market would need to be built to US standards. If then sold off shore by the broker or the owner it would still have the US EPA certified engine. If the new owner then wanted to...
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New Dyno Capabilities

Installation, commissioning and testing is now complete for our new 5000 hp engine dyno system at our off-highway facility in Ontario, California.

This will be Valley’s largest engine dyno system, and joins a 2250 hp unit in our West Sacramento branch, another 2500 hp unit in Bakersfield, and a 500 hp unit in San Diego.  These are in addition to the truck chassis dynamometers we have in Sacramento, Bakersfield, City of Industry, Mira Loma, and San Diego.     These engine test systems are an essential part of the engine overhaul process.  It gives Valley the ability to fully test an overhauled engine to assure the engine is operating as it was designed, and making the horsepower and torque the customer is paying for.  The customer receives a unit back that is fully broken in, tested, and ready to go to work. The new Taylor Data Acquisition System has eight available pressure monitoring and 32 temperature inputs allowing us to measure and record...
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Tier 4 Final Engines

California has always been at the forefront of clean air efforts. This includes stringent emission regulations affecting the operation of diesel engines within the state. To better help our customers stay in compliance with EPA and AQMD emission requirements,  Valley Power Systems offers Tier 4 Final diesel engines from top manufacturers that suit a wide range of power requirements for all of your application needs. Our Engineering team can help you develop customized packages from planning to installation. Click here to see more of what our experienced team of engineers can do for you.  

  Isuzu 3CH1 11.9 - 21 hp     Isuzu 4LE2 40 - 48 hp     DEUTZ TCD 2.9 L4 38 - 100 hp       DEUTZ TCD 3.6 L4 75 - 141 hp     DEUTZ TCD 4.1 L4 105 - 154 hp    
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