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How Important Is Generator Size?

How Important Is Generator Size?

If you’re shopping for a new industrial generator, there are a number of factors to consider. One of these is size—sizing your generator properly is essential for ensuring that your business can continue without disruption during a power outage. If your generator has too small of a capacity, it won’t be able to keep up with your power requirements, so generator size in california for industrial power supplier you’ve invested all this money into a system that won’t be able to perform the way you need it to. Properly sizing your generator can help you avoid the following issues:

Capacity Overload

The amount of power that a generator can deliver is rated in watts. Continuously operating the generator at or above this capacity will soon cause the system to overload. Overloading the unit can make it deteriorate very quickly. Signs that your system may be overloaded include:
  • Loud noises coming from...
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What to Know About Electric Motors


The world of electric motors can be daunting. How do they work? What size do I need? How many do I need to power my operation? The experts at Valley Power Systems can electric motors - valley power systems help you with all of that. As an authorized distributor for U.S. Motors, we can help you determine which electric motor(s) will best suit your business needs.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

A VFD is a type of controller used to vary the speed of an electric motor. The VFD takes a fixed AC voltage and frequency and allows it to be adjusted in order to get different speeds from the motor. Motor speed can be varied by changing the frequency of the input power waveform. The equation below shows how the frequency affects the speed of a three-phase induction motor.   120* Fundamental Input Frequency Speed = -------------------------------------------------- Number of Motor Poles  


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