3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Valley Power

3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Valley Power

Hardly a week goes by without us hearing a customer say something like: “Wow, I didn’t know Valley Power could do that.”

That kind of feedback always seems like a mixed bag. On the one hand, we love valley power systems discovering that we can surprise and delight customers with unexpected extras and attention. It’s always great when we go the extra mile and get recognized for it. But on the other hand, we wish everyone knew all the different services we have to offer. It would mean more business for us, of course, but also more ways to serve the people and companies who keep us running.

For that reason, today’s post won’t focus on a specific product or process. Instead, we want to point out a few things you might not know about our company and what we can offer. 

Here are three things about Valley Power that sometimes surprise newer customers, or those who only know us for a very specific type of product and service range…

#1 We Can Meet Your Marine Power Needs

Go anywhere across California or the American West and you’ll see heavy-duty trucks with engines that were sold by, or being serviced through, the Valley Power team. That’s pretty typical for any company that works with diesel engines, and particularly one like ours. We have dozens of customers with long-haul operations, heavy machinery on construction sites, industrial power needs, and so on.

What sometimes gets overlooked, however, is that our engines don’t just travel over land. In fact, we supply both businesses and individuals with marine power sales and service all the time. Our team can help you choose the right engine for marine craft, maintain machinery you have, or even overhaul an engine as needed.

This is a particularly interesting part of our work because marine engines come in all shapes and sizes. From small pleasure craft to bigger yachts and even shipping or commercial boats, we see a little bit of everything. Operating on the water brings a different set of requirements, so our technicians undergo specialized training for marine engine maintenance and repair.

Another unique part of our marine power service is that we are able to work up and down the coast. Because we have operations centers in both the Bay Area and close to the LA Harbor, we are often called to provide rapid repairs or service in both northern and southern California. That includes delivering parts, doing in-harbor assessments, and even performing maintenance wherever customers’ boats might happen to be located.

That can be important because marine engines, like all engines, tend to stop functioning perfectly at exactly the wrong moment. So, having a team that can travel to you – and source whatever parts or tools might be necessary for an unscheduled repair – can help get you onto the water more quickly.

We should also point out that Valley Power carries a full line of OEM replacement parts from top suppliers like ZF Marine Gears, TD Marine Gears, Gummi Clutches, and Ingersoll Rand Air Starters. These are premium products with reliable warranties. More importantly, they represent the kinds of components we would want for our own boats so we won’t put anything less than the best in yours.

If you have marine power needs in your company, or own boats and want to keep them running smoothly, then we want to hear from you. 

#2 We Work With Fire Departments and Emergency Providers

When things go drastically wrong, the public turns to fire departments and other emergency services providers. But who do these groups call when they have a need for maintenance, service, or support? Hopefully you guessed Valley Power because we are trusted by numerous municipalities to help keep their machinery running.

In some ways, a fire department is like any other business that has to run big trucks. Not only do they have large diesel engines to work with, but they may work with limited inventories and budgets. Or, to put things another way, they have to get great value for every dollar they spend while minimizing the amount of time that any unit is out of service.

Knowing that, it’s not a surprise they turn to us. After all, we can offer complete diagnostic and preventive care for vehicles ranging from smaller pickups and ambulances all the way to heavy engines. We have the tools, skills, and parts to maintain large chassis, fire pumps, and even custom fabrication. And of course, we are certified to carry out warranty repairs and support on behalf of major engine manufacturers like Detroit Diesel, Allison Transmission, and Mercedes-Benz.

With more than 350 employees, including Master EVTs, Level I and Level II California mechanics, and ASE-certified warranty repair technicians, we have the expertise needed to perform virtually any type of maintenance. We are also supporting members of the California Fire Mechanics Academy. 

These are all important qualifications if you want to work on any large engine. But we suspect the real reason fire departments and EMS providers turn to us is because we believe in reliability. We don’t just pride ourselves on doing quick work at competitive rates; we also go the extra mile to diagnose and repair all types of large engines.

When you need to schedule important work on expensive equipment and meet a tough schedule, you turn to a diesel engine repair partner with a strong track record. But when you need all of that and lives are on the line, you want a team you know will go the extra mile. Maybe that’s why emergency services providers up and down California trust us with their power and maintenance needs.

#3 We Provide Support Almost Anywhere 

We have already mentioned something that anyone who works around heavy equipment will already know: that an engine, generator, or other piece of equipment will tend to stop working at the exact time or place you don’t want it to. Whether it’s a bus blocking a crowded city street, a dump truck that stops moving on a winding path, or a boat that only makes it half a mile out of harbor, these sorts of breakdowns never seem to happen in a convenient situation.

At Valley Power, we know that repairs don’t always arrive on schedule. We also know that our customers need us to help restore them to normal operations as quickly as possible. That means we come to them when needed, and get there quickly.

Our team covers a huge amount of area every week, both throughout California and farther across the West. Additionally, we are part of supply and repair networks that extend nationwide. So, if you need us to come to you and help solve an urgent problem, you know we will be there.

That availability covers major highways and interstates, of course, but also extends to local and off-road sites. For instance, it isn’t unusual for our team to show up in a construction zone, at an industrial facility, or even in an area where there has been a flood or power outage. While some other companies can’t or won’t operate in those types of situations, we know that the difficult moments are when our customers need us the most. Whether it’s to service a piece of equipment or find a creative solution to an unforeseen challenge, our technicians are ready to step up and help.

Any repair and maintenance provider can help you when things are going perfectly and you only need to worry about routine scheduled service. But when life and business throw unexpected curveballs your way, you have to be able to adapt in an instant. By traveling to our customers when needed, Valley Power is able to offer an entirely different kind of support to those we serve. And judging by our reviews and testimonials, they appreciate the fact that we are willing to go the extra mile for them, both literally and figuratively.

What Does It All Mean?

What does it mean that Valley Power has the capability to work on marine engines, service firetrucks, or provide on-site repairs and engineering? Why should you be interested if you don’t have a need for these specific services?

Naturally, we are always interested in getting out the word on the different ways we can help our customers. For instance, there are probably some business owners or operations managers who work with us for diesel engine repair for their fleet of trucks but didn’t realize we could service boats, too. And likewise, there might be someone who is reading this who didn’t know that we offered mobile maintenance for things like generators.

However, we understand that most of the people reading this article won’t have those specific needs. That doesn’t mean there isn’t value in spreading the word. That’s because the real value isn’t in the services we provide, but in what that mix of capabilities says about Valley Power as a company.

The first thing we think it shows is that we are always open to learning, adapting, and taking on new tasks. We aren’t set on any one way of doing business and will always try to find different ways to serve our customers. If you need us to do something that we don’t currently offer, ask anyway. We might be able to design a solution. Some of our most popular and important skills have been learned in exactly this way.

The second important detail about our mix of services is that they show off our technical expertise. By supplying fire departments and emergency providers, for example, we’re demonstrating that we can supply our customers with all they need – including engines, parts, and service – in even the toughest environments. We are used to solving problems, and to finding solutions our competitors won’t.

Not many vendors have the training and expertise to work on firetrucks, or to supply heavy generators for industrial construction sites. These aren’t small challenges, but we handle them as a part of our routine daily operations. So, you can be assured that when you need us to step in and do something extraordinary, we will have a head start on anyone else you could call.

We are most valuable to our customers when things are tough, gritty, and unexpected. That’s where our experience truly shines. So, if you want to work with a power supplier who will be there under all conditions, not just the best and easiest days, we hope you’ll consider working with our team of proven experts.

Need an Engine and Generator Supplier Who Can Do What Others Can’t?

Although we are proud of our mix of services – not to mention our team, our facilities, and our track record for excellent service – the truth is that our versatility isn’t what makes us special. We certainly can tackle a lot of challenges pertaining to diesel engines, generators, and other power needs. But what really makes us unique is our commitment to service.

Any business can say they are well equipped to handle lots of different kinds of work. But at Valley Power we tackle them all with an eye toward value and customer service. We want you to be as happy with our work years from now as you are today. That means making sure you find the right product for your needs and budget, or getting maintenance that sets you up for reliability in the months to come.

If that’s the sort of focus you want from your California diesel engine supplier, then we want to work with you. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and learn a little more about what we can do to help.

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