Isuzu Engines

Isuzu for website ONLYEngines are the heart of Isuzu. An industry leader of diesel engines worldwide, Isuzu engines are trusted for their reliability and durability. 

As a factory authorized distributor for Isuzu, Valley Power Systems is proud to offer two full-service locations servicing both Northern California and Northern Nevada.  We sell and service more than 30 different engine models to meet a wide range of power requirements.

Isuzu engine products sold and supported by Valley Power Systems are found in both in agricultural and industrial off-road applications.

Valley Power Systems offers more than 30 engine models with power ranges from 13 to 550 hp making it easy to find the perfect engine to fit your needs.



Our experienced parts, sales and service professionals are experts in the Isuzu product line and are ready to assist you with your particular power needs. To learn more about the superior features and benefits of Diesel engines, contact Valley Power Systems today.


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