Valley Power Systems is committed to providing our service technicians the best in training and advancement opportunities. We know that skilled technicians are vital in today’s business, and that is why we maintain a fully equipped training facility on site staffed by factory trained and certified instructors.

Our primary training center is located at our headquarters in City of Industry, CA . Classes are also open to authorized dealers, fleets and independent mechanics and provide the most up-to-date training on Allison Transmission, Detroit, DEUTZ product lines. Upon request, we can provide custom training to meet specific requirements. We also offer on-site training at your facility.

All classes must be paid for at the time of enrollment. Training materials are included in the tuition and all classes start promptly at 8:00 am. Certificates will be issued upon completion.

Safety is our #1 priority. OSHA regulations require all students to wear steel toe work boots. Safety glasses are provided. Side shields are to be fitted for students wearing regular glasses.







10K Maintenance Training – 5 Day Class

This class provides an understanding of the Series 1000, 2000 and 3000, 4000 Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmissions. Course content contains general construction, operation, service requirements, and troubleshooting. Classroom topics include torque converter operation, power flows, clutch application, vehicle interface, electronics and hydraulic control systems. Hands on include partial disassembly and reassembly. Classes include 5th generation controls.

*Prerequisite- E-learn modules


1K2K Overhaul Training – 2 Day Class

Complete Overhaul procedure for the Allison models 1000, 2000, Series. The class will cover disassembly, complete rebuild of sub-assemblies and reassembling of the transmission.

*Prerequisite- 10K Maintenance
3K4K Overhaul Training – 2 Day Class

This class covers the complete overhaul procedures for the Allison 3K4K transmissions. This class will cover disassembly, complete rebuild of sub-assemblies and proper assembly of the transmission.

*Prerequisite – 10K Maintenance
Allison DOC™ Reprogramming – 2 Day Class

The Allison Diagnostic Optimized connection tool is a diagnostic system designed for Allison electronically controlled transmissions. This PC-Based diagnostic program is capable of communicating with the WTECII, WTECIII, Gen4, and pre Gen4 1000/2000 series. This class will allow the student to receive the reprogramming certificate for DOC. 

No Web Based Prerequisites


Detroit Heavy Duty – Basic Diagnostics – 3 Day Class

In this course the student will be introduced to all the core competencies required for DD engine diagnostics. Key sections include how to gather important service information stored the on DTNA network like Power Service Literature, relating concepts of basic electricity to the DD engine sensor system, detailed usage of the DiagnosticLink electronic service tool, how to program engine controller using DiagnosticLink professional and an overview of using DDEC Reports.

Detroit Heavy Duty – Major Repair  – 5 Day Class

This course covers major repair with emphasis on the systems of the engine (air, coolant, lube, fuel). As the students disassemble and reassemble the engine they will learn how to properly use Power Service Literature for tasks including how to set the gear train and gear lash, set valve lash and engine brake lash. The course will cover component differences the student will see between the different releases of DD engines (EPA07, EPA10, GHG14 and GHG17) and basic failure analysis of key components.

Detroit Heavy Duty – Fuel System Diagnostics – 5 Day Class

This course will provide an in depth look at how all the components of the fuel system from the fuel tank to the injector work together on a properly running engine. Based on that knowledge students will then learn how to use the latest electronic service routines and troubleshooting material to diagnose fault code or symptom based issues with the fuel system. The course will cover the evolution of the DD engine fuel system from its initial EPA07 release through the latest GHG17 release.

Detroit Heavy Duty – Air & Aftertreatment Diagnostics – 5 Day Class

This course is focused on the components, operation and diagnostics of the DD engine’s air and aftertreatment system. On the air system side the course will look at the evolution of the turbocharger and EGR system components over the different DD engine releases. Students will learn the proper operation and diagnostics of air system components (both electronic faults and symptom based issues).

The ATS system will include a detailed study of the DOC and DPF filters, their related sensors and the all aspects of the regeneration process. The SCR system will be covered by examining the major components of both the air-assisted system (EPA10) and the liquid only system (GHG14 and GHG17). Students will study ATS diagnostic procedures both fault code and symptom based issues with a combination of log file analysis and hands-on exercises.

Detroit Medium Duty Diagnostics & Major Repair – 5 Day Class

This ILT course takes a closer look at the internal engine components and how the components interact with one another. It will also include DD Medium Duty Diagnostics information. transmission.

*Prerequisite – 100% HDEP Expert Certified



CC3 Tier 4, Sub 4 Liter – 4 Days Class

After completing this 30-hour course and online prerequisites, the student will have gained a thorough understanding of the TCD 2.2, 2.9 and 3.6 diesel engines. This includes the use of relevant service tools, troubleshooting and repair techniques which are reinforced through theory and hands-on instruction.




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