5 Advantages of a Northern Lights Generator



Northern Lights common service points, including filters, fills and drains are on a single side. In addition to easy access, this permits the generator set to be installed near a wall or bulkhead, saving valuable space. Other brands service points are difficult to access and dictate the genset’s placement in the engine room.


Northern Lights’ experienced engineering and high-quality components reduce belts and hoses to a minimum. Others use low-cost, unreliable belts and hoses used throughout, creating multiple failure points.


Northern Lights uses a single-piece cast iron heat exchanger, expansion tank and exhaust manifold making them resistant to corrosion and electrolysis. Others engine components are welded together. These welds can fail in a marine environment. Heat exchangers use aluminum or plastic intakes.


Northern Lights genset’s seawater pumps are gear driven (no belts) and use mechanical water seals. Others pumps are difficult to access, are belt driven and have rubber lip seals, which are prone to degradation through drying and expansion.


Northern Lights uses simple DC logic design is reliable, inexpensive and simple to repair. Relays are easy to replace when required. Others use electrical system uses printed circuit boards which are more expensive and less reliable.