7 Tips for Optimizing Fuel Efficiency

7 Tips for Optimizing Fuel Efficiency for Your Industrial Power System

If you have an industrial-grade generator, you may have some concerns regarding optimizing fuel efficiency. Fuel costs have risen dramatically over the last few years, so you want to save as much money as possible fueling your power system. Does your unit seem to use more fuel today than it did when you first purchased it, even though your power requirements haven’t changed much? This is because these heavy-duty systems can wear down over time, so they must work harder to carry your power load as they age. Optimizing Fuel Efficiency for your California Generator from Valley Power Systems

However, there are some things that you can do to optimize fuel efficiency to help reduce utility and fuel costs as well as extend the lifespan of your industrial power system. Follow these tips below, and you’ll soon notice an improvement in fuel efficiency. 

1. Schedule Timely Oil Changes

Oil changes are perhaps your best defense to optimize fuel efficiency. Your generator relies on fresh oil to lubricate its various moving parts, eliminate friction, and maintain optimal performance. When you go too long without an oil change, the oil is contaminated with dirt and other debris, which reduces its overall effectiveness. This causes excessive wear and tear on your unit and increases its fuel consumption as the generator requires more fuel to perform reliably. 

So, how often should you schedule an oil change? That depends on your particular system. You should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or you can ask our professionals here at Valley Power Systems. We can schedule timely oil changes based on your generator’s model, age, and frequency of use. Adhering to the oil change schedule will help keep your generator in peak condition so that it uses less fuel over time while preventing costly repairs and unexpected downtime for your business.  

2. Perform Regular Filter Checks

Clean air filters can make a drastic difference in your system’s efficiency. It’s essential to check generator filters for cleanliness in between each maintenance visit. These filters can quickly become clogged with dirt and debris, which will obstruct airflow. This impacts the overall efficiency of your generator as it puts a strain on your unit to maintain the same level of performance, causing it to use more fuel. At Valley Power Systems, we recommend checking your filters weekly and removing any buildup from the filters. If your filters still appear quite dirty afterward, it’s probably time to change them out with fresh ones to maximize airflow within your system. 

3. Clean Generator Area

Generators will stir up the air around them during their natural operation. While these units have filters to protect them against dirt and debris in the air, filters can quickly become clogged if the area isn’t clean. You should perform a regular inspection of the generator surroundings to clear away any dirt, debris, trash, leaves, etc. We recommend doing this on a weekly basis, or immediately after a major storm event. This will help to keep your generator as clean as possible, which will improve overall fuel efficiency. 

When cleaning the generator area, you should remember not to spray water close to the unit. Moisture exposure can ruin your system beyond repair, so you’ll need a generator replacement much sooner than expected. For major generator needs, reach out to our highly trained technicians. We’ll handle the job promptly while ensuring that your unit is protected each step of the way. 

4. Repair Leaks

Did you know that small leaks can cost your business thousands of dollars each year in lost energy and fuel? Leaks force generators to work much harder than they normally would have to in order to perform the same job they always have. This greatly reduces their fuel efficiency and causes extreme wear and tear that will adversely impact their lifespan.

Minor leaks can be hard to find on your own, but they can lead to increased energy and fuel expenses. Our technicians have the right equipment and tools to uncover the smallest leaks and repair them promptly, saving you a substantial amount of money over the year. From oil and fuel leaks to coolant, we will find the source of the leak and then repair it promptly so that you can get back to business. 

5. Schedule Maintenance

You have bigger things to worry about than generator maintenance. Leave these tasks to our professionals at Valley Power Systems. From oil and filter changes to leak inspections and much more, our generator maintenance services are designed to keep your system as efficient as possible. Regular maintenance will improve fuel consumption, prevent costly repairs, and improve the lifespan of your unit. 

We offer customized packages to fit your individual needs and budget, and we’re ready to help you create a maintenance schedule that will keep your system up and running for a long time. 

6. Ensure the Right Generator Size

A generator that’s too small for your power load will have to work harder and consume more fuel to perform. It can also cause a range of other generator problems as the engine becomes stressed. The system could overheat and fail to work altogether, resulting in extensive repair needs, if not a full generator replacement. The downtime between repairs or replacement can greatly impact your bottom line. 

It’s essential to use a generator that matches the power requirements of your facility. If your system is no longer a good fit, Valley Power Systems can help you explore your options for a brand-new industrial generator that will provide a reliable source of power while saving you on fuel and utility costs. 

7. Consider Hybrid Power

One of the best ways to save on fuel costs is to invest in a hybrid power system. This battery-powered system can take some of the strain off your traditional genset and reduce your overall fuel usage. Powered by renewable resources, hybrid systems are ideal for handling lower power requirements such as your overnight security system and lighting. Use it in place of your normal generator and reap the fuel savings! 

As fuel costs increase, more and more of our customers have been opting for hybrid power. Ready to learn more? Our knowledgeable team can answer any of your questions about this valuable generator product and help you select the right one for your facility. We work with the most trusted brands to bring our customers top-of-the-line hybrid generators with the latest technologies available on the market. 

Valley Power Systems: Serving All of Your Power Needs

Whether you have a natural gas or diesel generator, you want to use your fuel as efficiently as possible. Over time, you can save a significant amount of money on fuel and utility expenses by maximizing fuel efficiency. At Valley Power Systems, we are committed to helping our customers achieve the most efficient power systems possible through timely maintenance and state-of-the-art technology.

Our business has served California for over 70 years. Today, we work with companies from many different industries, including agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing, to provide cutting-edge power technologies. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to work on all kinds of power systems. Whether you need a new generator installation, a routine maintenance service, or a complete engine overhaul, you can count on us to deliver professional work and cost-effective power solutions. 

To learn more about how you can increase the fuel efficiency of your power systems, or to explore our generator products, contact our knowledgeable team today! 

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