Benefits of a Generator Maintenance Technician

5 Benefits of Hiring a Generator Maintenance Technician

Your generator is a durable machine that keeps power flowing to your critical business systems during an outage. Large commercial generators are designed to last for many years, but even the best generators need regular maintenance service. The best way to ensure that your generator receives the attention it needs is by hiring a skilled generator maintenance technician. Here are the top benefits that you will gain by bringing in a professional for the job.

1. Access Expert Knowledge

Most business owners don’t have the technical knowledge necessary to service their generator. A generator technician will have the proper training and industry knowledge to handle any maintenance that your power system requires. Plus, with a professional, you won’t have to worry about spending time troubleshooting or wasting money on unnecessary repairs. You can focus on running your business while a qualified technician takes care of the generator for you. At Valley Power Systems, our specialists have worked with many makes and models of power systems, and we can quickly assess your unit and determine precisely what services it needs to run optimally.

2. Get Early Diagnosis of Issues

Working with a professional can help you identify issues with your unit sooner rather than later. When performing maintenance, your technician will inspect the system thoroughly and test it for proper function. They will have the industry training to identify even the most minor issues with a generator. Even a leaky hose can cost your business a lot of money in wasted energy, so it’s important to take care of any repair needs as soon as possible. By handling small issues before they have a chance to progress into larger problems, you can help avoid costly repairs later down the line. This can potentially save your business thousands of dollars over the life of your power system.

3. Improve Generator Lifespan

An industrial generator is a significant investment for your business, so you want to make sure that it will last as long as possible. Having a technician perform maintenance on a regular schedule is the best way to maximize its lifespan. After so many years, your unit will begin showing signs of wear and tear and may not work as efficiently as it once did. Periodic maintenance can help minimize the effects of wear so that you can get more usable years out of your power system. With the right maintenance plan and optimal environmental conditions, a standby diesel generator can last for 20 years or more!

4. Keep Operations Running

When an outage happens, you want access to a reliable power solution to keep your business running without any disruptions. Having your generator serviced regularly can help you make sure that it will work when you need it most. You don’t want to be troubleshooting a generator in the middle of a power failure. With a properly functioning unit, you won’t have to worry about losing money on stalled operations.

5. Have Peace of Mind

With a trained technician handling your generator service, you can minimize the risk of unexpected shutdowns. Your technician will alert you to any generator problems in advance so that you can address them right away. You can have peace of mind that your unit will work properly during a power outage.


When Does a Generator Need Maintenance?

The generator’s maintenance intervals will depend on a variety of factors. Manufacturers generally recommend maintenance be performed after so many continual service hours, such as after 50 running hours. There are certain situations when maintenance may be needed more often than recommended, including:

  • After severe weather events like heavy wind, rain, or snow
  • After a period of heavy system usage
  • When the generator begins to show signs of reduced efficiency

If you’re not sure when your generator needs maintenance, be sure to check with your unit’s manufacturer or your local generator technician at Valley Power Systems. We provide all of the services that your generator needs to remain operational for many years to come.

Generator Maintenance

Your technician should perform certain maintenance tasks every time they service the generator. Doing these on a regular schedule will help reduce wear and tear and improve the overall efficiency of your power system. These include:

Changing the oil

Oil works to keep your generator’s engine clean, cool, and lubricated, but it loses its effectiveness over time. Regular oil changes can go a long way toward extending the lifespan of your power system.

Cleaning filters

When filters become clogged, debris can enter the generator engine and damage its internal parts. Clean filters will keep out dust, dirt, and other small particles to keep your power system running smoothly.

Refilling coolant

Coolant helps to control the temperature of your engine. Without enough quality coolant, the engine would overheat and possibly cause irreparable damage. The levels should be checked at every maintenance inspection.

Checking fuel

You want to ensure that you’ll have enough fuel should an outage occur, so the fuel level should be checked regularly.

Testing the system

If you don’t rely on your generator all the time, you might not notice any issues with it right away. That’s why it’s important to test the system periodically. Your technician will power on the generator and check it for proper function.

Inspect hoses and fittings

A loose or leaky hose or fitting can make your generator work much harder, which will ultimately decrease its efficiency. Your technician should inspect these thoroughly to make sure they don’t need to be replaced.

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