California Standby Generators for Your Business 

7 Reasons You Need a California Standby Generator for Your Business 

Have you considered what would happen if the power were to just suddenly fail at your business? Maybe you have a portable generator, which is great for emergency power needs. However, it likely will not be able to sustain your operations at the same level as a california standby generators from Valley Power Systems standby system would during a power failure. Standby systems are ideal for industrial and commercial facilities with large power requirements. With many sizes available, they are capable of supplying power for numerous devices and electronic equipment at once. 

At Valley Power Systems, we want to ensure our California customers are prepared for the unexpected, which is why we often recommend having a standby generator in place. In this blog, we’ll explore seven reasons why you should invest in one of these reliable power systems for your business. 

1. Experience Continuous Production 

A few hours without power can cost your business thousands of dollars—and this number escalates quickly for larger companies. One of the biggest benefits of having a standby power system is that you won’t have to worry about unplanned downtime affecting your bottom line. With the right size power system, you can remain operational throughout a power outage. 

2. Maintain Communication With Customers

Customers like to know that they can reach you when they need you most. Nothing can affect your reputation like being unavailable for long stretches of time. Having a generator will ensure that you can stay in contact with customers until the power is restored. A backup system is capable of handling the power requirements for phones, faxes, computers, and other essential communication devices. 

3. Keep Employees Safe and Comfortable

During a severe weather event, you may be asked to stay indoors until the worst of it has passed. Imagine the power going out with a building full of employees. Without a backup power system in place, everyone will be left in the dark. The HVAC system will shut down, which will quickly turn into an uncomfortable situation. The food left in any on-site refrigerators or freezers will begin to spoil. If the power outage continues for more than an hour or two, people may begin to panic. You can avoid this kind of scenario by investing in a standby power system for your company. It can power the HVAC system, keep refrigerators running, and keep the lights on. You and your employees will be much more comfortable while you wait for the power to return. 

4. Protect Your Investment 

You’ve spent a lot of money setting up and running your business—the last thing you want to worry about is losing it all due to a power failure. Not only can a prolonged power outage impact your operations, but it also puts the security of your business at risk. When security systems fail, your facility becomes vulnerable to intruders. You need a standby power system to ensure your investment is protected. The generator can run perimeter lighting, security cameras, computers, and other electronic equipment essential to the safety of your business. 

5. Prevent Data Loss

Like most businesses, you probably store company and customer data on computers and other electronic devices. If your devices suddenly lose power, this important data can be lost or destroyed. Having a commercial generator to maintain power at your facility will help to protect valuable data by keeping computers and other equipment up and running. 

6. Have Peace of Mind

A standby generator is permanently installed at your site. With one in place, you won’t have to worry about power failures shutting down your business. This peace of mind can be invaluable. 

7. Many Available Options 

Today, there are numerous makes, models, and sizes of generators on the market. At Valley Power Systems, we can help you select a power system that meets your power requirements while adhering to your budget. Modern power systems also come with convenient features like remote monitoring, automatic start and shutoff, carbon monoxide detectors, fuel monitoring, and low-oil shutoff. 

Different Generator Fuel Types

Once you’ve decided to move forward with purchasing a standby generator, you’ll need to decide what type of fuel you want to use. Commercial units typically use diesel or natural gas fuel. Here are the benefits of each fuel type. 


  • Diesel engines are extremely durable. With proper maintenance, you can expect your unit to provide you with many years of service. 
  • Diesel fuel has a high energy density, so even when you have to pay more for it at the outset, the fuel will last longer than the same amount of gas. 
  • Since they don’t rely on a fuel pipeline system, diesel gensets offer more installation options. You can place it anywhere that’s convenient and safe at your facility. 
  • Diesel fuel is easy to obtain and store. You should keep a few days’ worth stored away in an approved container for emergencies. 
  • With fewer moving parts, diesel units are easier to maintain than gas engines. 

Natural Gas

  • The fuel is readily available via your natural gas pipeline, so you don’t have to worry about fuel refills. 
  • Natural gas is considered a clean fossil fuel that emits lower levels of polluting chemicals than other fuel sources. 
  • This fuel is usually cheaper to buy than diesel, depending on market fluctuations. 
  • Natural gas generators tend to be quieter in their operation compared to diesel units. 
  • Natural gas is odorless, so you won’t have to deal with off-putting smells during its operation. 

If you’re not sure which fuel type is best for your needs, speak to our generator professionals. We know the ins and outs of all types of generators and can help you select the right power system for your business. 

Partner With Us for Generator Maintenance

Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your industrial or commercial generator. Your generator will need maintenance after so many service hours (as determined by the manufacturer). Our experienced technicians can handle all your maintenance tasks with precision. Our generator maintenance includes:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Cooling system inspection
  • Fuel check and refill (as needed)
  • Battery inspection
  • Belt inspection
  • Engine run test
  • And more!

When maintaining a unit, our goal is to prevent problems that can result in a generator shutdown. We look for hidden issues such as leaks and worn-down parts and suggest repairs as needed. The sooner you can take care of these problems, the better. You’ll minimize your risk of a complete power failure and having to deal with expensive repairs. Valley Power Systems has a maintenance plan to suit your needs and budget, so be sure to ask about maintenance when purchasing your power system. 

Offering First-Class California Standby Generators and Power Solutions

Serving all of California, Valley Power Systems offers a wide range of generator products and services to suit your individual needs. We work with business owners and managers throughout the state, providing personalized power solutions. You can rely on our factory-trained technicians for your installation, maintenance, and service. From trusted manufacturers like Blue Star Power Systems and Atlas Copco, our standby systems are among the most reliable on the market. To learn more about the generator products we have available, give us a call today!

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