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Winter Power Outages: Be Prepared

Winter Power Outages: Be Prepared

According to Climate Central, with data collected from the nation’s major utility companies, winter weather has been the cause of 22% of power outages in the United States over the past 21 years. California is among the top states that experiences the most weather-related power outages.  The surge in these power outages can be linked to extreme weather changes, such as heat waves, ice storms, hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires, which have grown in intensity over the years due to climate change. The nation’s electrical infrastructure isn’t equipped to handle the increase in electricity demand when these events occur, often leading to power outages for hours, days, and in some cases, even weeks. industrial diesel generator for winter power outages You don’t want to be unprepared when an outage happens. The best way to protect yourself, your...
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How Can You Reduce Industrial Emissions?

How Can Your Facility Reduce Industrial Emissions?

The industrial sector makes up nearly one-fifth of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. These gasses trap heat into the earth’s atmosphere, which results in global warming that’s known to cause significant environmental changes. To protect the future of our planet, it is important that all companies consider how they can reduce industrial emissions in their daily business operations. Here are some ways you can do your part. Altas Copco Industrial Generator | Reduce Industrial Emissions with Hybrid Generators

Perform an Energy Audit

From outdated equipment and hose leaks to inefficient lighting, there are many ways an industrial facility can be wasting energy without realizing it. An energy audit can help you identify your major energy producers. The auditor will thoroughly review all your power systems and then provide various recommendations for reducing energy use without adversely affecting your bottom line. These audits are a great way to...
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Industrial Fuel Usage – How to Reduce Costs

How to Reduce Industrial Fuel Usage

Today’s ever-increasing diesel and gasoline prices have many industrial business owners concerned about their fuel consumption. By taking some proactive steps now, you can Fuel Usage and Costs in CA | Valley Power Systems significantly reduce fuel usage and save your company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year.

7 Tips to Minimize Your Company’s Fuel Usage

There are many benefits to reducing your fuel consumption. You will be able to save on fuel costs, use machines more efficiently, reduce your carbon footprint, maximize engine life, and even improve safety in the workplace. To get started, consider these following seven tips:

1. Choose Solar Power

With a solar power system, you could reduce your dependence on your generator, which would help cut your fuel costs dramatically. While installing solar panels can seem like an expensive undertaking at first, there are many options available to business owners to help mitigate these...
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