Diesel-Powered Generator Benefits

What Makes a Diesel-Powered Generator a Great Choice?

When shopping for a new power system for your business, you will find that there are numerous options available on the market. Today, many industrial facilities rely on generators powered with a diesel engine due to the many benefits these machines offer. Here are some of the top reasons to make an investment in a diesel-powered generator. hybrid diesel-powered generator


As fuel prices rise as a result of increasing demand and supply chain issues, your fuel source becomes an important consideration when you’re buying a new commercial generator for your business. Although it is priced slightly higher than gasoline fuel, diesel offers customers higher energy density over time. What this means is with a diesel engine, you won’t need to burn as much fuel as you would with a gasoline engine to get the same amount of power. Therefore, more energy can be extracted from diesel when compared to the same amount of gasoline, saving you on overall fuel costs. This makes it a preferred choice for heavy-duty applications in the commercial sector. 

Easy Maintenance 

Another popular reason that so many people choose diesel-powered generators is because these durable machines require less maintenance over their lifespan. When compared to gas generators, diesel generators have a less complicated motor. The engine doesn’t have carburetors or spark plugs, so there are fewer parts to maintain and repair. Typically, diesel engines are capable of running continuously for a longer period of time than gasoline engines without needing any major repair work. Depending on the model, frequency of use, and how well it was maintained, a diesel power system will last for many years before it will need to be replaced. 

Designed for Extended Use

Diesel-powered engines are built to work under heavy loads for long periods of time. If you experience an unexpected power outage at your facility, a diesel system can handle your power requirements until the main grid is restored. From lighting and security systems to heavy equipment, you can rely on an industrial-sized generator for many electrical applications at once. If you and your employees have to stay put in an emergency, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can keep the heating and cooling system up and running, refrigerators on, and other devices operational to keep everyone safe and comfortable. 

Whenever purchasing a new unit, you must consider generator size for maximum benefit. You don’t want to be in the middle of a power outage only to find out that your model doesn’t have the capacity to carry your power load. Not sure what size you need? Be sure to consult with our knowledgeable professionals at Valley Power Systems to ensure you purchase the right-sized generator for your power requirements. 

Long Shelf Life

It’s recommended to have a storage of diesel fuel on-hand so that it’s ready to go during a power outage. This reduces downtime because you won’t have to venture out and find an available supply during an emergency situation. However, to avoid issues when the need arises, you must ensure the stored fuel remains usable. The shelf life of diesel is approximately 12 months. This may be extended past 12 months by treating it with fuel stabilizers and other additives. For maximum results, diesel should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. 

How We Help Maximize Diesel-Powered Generator’s Lifespan

If you’ve decided on a diesel unit, you’ve made a wise decision. If you care for it properly, the power system will provide you with many years of reliable service, maximizing the initial investment that you’re making. At Valley Power Systems, we recommend setting up regular service visits from a trained technician to ensure that your new system remains in prime condition so that it’s ready to handle your power needs in an emergency. The team at Valley Power Systems is factory trained and certified to provide generator maintenance for diesel engines and other power systems. 

When you work with us, you’ll have access to a highly skilled generator professional who will visit your facility at regular intervals to perform routine maintenance. This involves the oil changes that are necessary to keep your system running like new. Oil degrades as it ages, meaning that old oil won’t be as effective at lubrication as fresh oil. This results in reduced efficiency and increased wear and tear, which can have an adverse impact on the unit’s lifespan. Your technician will recommend an oil change schedule that’s specific to your unit and individual circumstances. 

When we visit, also take care of the filter changes your system might need. Getting regular filter changes offers many benefits, including:

  • Improved fuel efficiency 
  • Increased air flow
  • Cleaner engine
  • Reduced emissions
  • Prolonged engine life 
  • Better overall performance

During our visit, we will also check your coolant levels and refill as necessary. Since coolant deteriorates at a slower rate than oil, you won’t need a coolant flush except for every 1 to 2 years or so. Our team will keep an eye on the quality of your coolant and let you know when it’s time for a complete coolant service. 

Our technicians also perform a complete inspection to ensure your system is functioning as expected. They will test the battery, check all electrical components, and inspect hoses, connections, and belts. If anything indicates a repair is needed, we’ll provide a comprehensive cost estimate. After you approve it, we’ll handle the repair as quickly as possible to ensure your system is operational when you need it most. 

Offering Innovative Power Solutions

With their low maintenance and reliable power supply, diesel generators are suitable for industrial facilities. In addition, they are ideal for both standby and continuous use. For more information about diesel generators and which model to buy, get in touch with the pros from Valley Power Systems. Our experienced technicians are committed to helping you find the best power generator for your individual needs. We’re proud to serve businesses across California in need of modern power solutions. Contact us today!

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