Providing Solutions to Your Electrical Compliance Issues

Providing Solutions to Your Electrical Compliance Issues

The cities of California have strict electrical compliance codes that all businesses must adhere to, and any violations could result in significant downtime for your facility. You can help avoid this scenario by keeping your equipment maintained, training your employees properly, and addressing compliance issues before they become bigger problems that can impede on the success of your company. Allow Valley Power Systems to partner with you to ensure your business remains in compliance with local laws.

Why Is Compliance So Important?

As a business owner, staying compliant will not only ensure that your facility meets the local standards but will also help protect your employees from work conditions that could be deemed hazardous. Individuals who work around power sources can encounter a lot of potential dangers on a daily basis, so it’s essential to create the safest work environment possible for your employees.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), issues with electrical compliance safety account for two out of the 10 most common violations.

Making sure that your workplace is up to code will decrease employee accidents and also help you avoid the excessive fines that you can get for violations. Imagine this: Just one OSHA violation can cost you upwards of $10,000, depending on the severity of the issue. These fines will come directly out of your company’s profit. Most businesses can’t afford those kinds of financial hits to remain successful in the industry, especially if they’re found to be repeatedly non-compliant. Fines do multiply for companies that continue to have code violations, so it’s critical to address known compliance issues sooner rather than later.

Once you are found to have a compliance violation, you will be expected to remedy it within a certain time frame. The team from Valley Power Systems can work with you to solve any compliance issues and help protect your company’s bottom line. Our highly trained staff can advise you on how to make your facility compliant with the local laws and even do the work on your behalf so that you can get back to business without having to worry about compliance issues holding back your production.

Types of Compliance Issues

All electrical fixtures and wiring should be installed and maintained according to the manufacturers’ instructions. They must also be used in a safe manner. When it’s time for your electrical inspection, the inspector will look at all of your electrical components thoroughly for any violations. Some common violations that you might encounter include:

  • Overcrowded wires
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Missing or loose outlet covers
  • Outlets that have been improperly wired
  • Old wiring being used with new lights
  • Hazardous knob and tube wiring
  • Multiple electrical power strips or extension cords
  • Splices done outside of a proper junction box
  • Other unsafe work conditions

As technology advances, it’s not uncommon for electrical components to be in violation of city codes. The laws governing electric systems can be complex and confusing for most business owners, so it’s often in your best interest to work with a professional to help bring your facility up to code. Unless you happen to be a qualified electrician, you could inadvertently cause more problems for your facility if you try to address the violations yourself.  Whatever happens to be causing your compliance issues, you can count on the skilled technicians from Valley Power Systems to solve the problem for you promptly.


Regular Maintenance Promotes Electrical Compliance

As an equipment owner, you are required by law to maintain your power systems according to the manufacturers’ specifications or the general standards in your industry. Inspecting and testing your equipment on a regular schedule are the keys to ensuring they will continue to operate optimally. You may also catch minor problems going on with your systems before they have a chance to progress into larger, more expensive ones that can result in code compliance issues for your business. You should  also keep a log of any maintenance that you or your staff members perform to show that you’ve been properly maintaining your equipment.

Training Employees Properly Makes a Difference

In 2016 alone, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported almost 1,800 injury occurrences in the electrical industry. However, these types of injuries are often avoidable through effective employee training. Each of your employees should understand how to recognize safety hazards, what causes them, and how they can do their part to prevent them. This will minimize injuries in the workplace and keep your business in compliance with local laws.

Insufficient employee knowledge remains a top contributor for facility shutdowns due to preventable equipment failure. OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both offer recommendations on how you can train your electrical employees properly. Overall, qualified employees will be knowledgeable of all the equipment that’s related to their field of work, and they will also be able to identify any potential hazards themselves. You should address any concerns that are brought to your attention immediately to avoid any potential compliance issues down the line.

It is also important for you to recognize when your employees may need to be retrained on proper workplace practices. At minimum, you should audit each of your employees once a year to ensure they are in compliance with safety regulations. If you notice significant deficiencies among your staff members, additional training or even an overhaul of your training program may be necessary. You should also keep a log of when training and audits are performed.

Contact Your Electrical Professionals in California

Are your electrical components are in violation of the city standards? You might not even know it without a proper inspection. At Valley Power Systems, our team has the knowledge and experience to identify any electrical compliance issues with different types equipment. We can provide you with complete solutions to bring them up to standard with a minimal disruption to your business operations. Call us today to learn more about electrical compliance code and how we help with your specific power needs in California.