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Waukesha Gas Engines VHP Series Four with emPact Emission Control System

GE’s Waukesha Series Four rich-burn engines are the engines of choice for the harshest and most demanding gas compression, power generation and mechanical drive applications. The Series Four engines can reliably produce more power on hot field gases, at high altitudes, and in remote locations, all while delivering low emissions when paired with a 3-way catalyst (NSCR).

Waukesha’s emPact Emission Control System combines an engine, catalyst, and air/fuel ratio control, factory designed for optimal interaction and maximum performance. It consists of a GE-supplied catalyst, pre- and post-catalyst oxygen sensing, and differential temperature and pressure sensors. emPact’s closed loop control system measures the engine exhaust and automatically adjusts the air/fuel ratio to keep the catalyst operating at maximum efficiency, even as speed, load, fuel, and ambient conditions change.


The emPact display panel provides real-time engine operating parameters, including faults, alarms, and shutdowns. A logging function allows all data—including catalyst temperature and pressure differential—to be saved to a USB device to simplify emissions reporting.

Waukesha’s emPact Emission Control System provides a one-stop shop for compliance and the simplest method of obtaining and meeting emission permits.


  • Cylinders                                                       V12
  • Piston displacement                                     7040 cu. in. (115 L)
  • Compression ratio                                        8:1
  • Bore & stroke                                               9.375’’ x 8.5’’ (238 x 216)
  • Jacket water system capacity                      100 gal. (379 L)
  • Lube oil capacity                                          190 gal. (719 L)
  • Starting system                                            125 – 150 psi air/gas 24V electric
  • Dimensions l x w x h inch (mm)                   147 (3734) x 85 (2159) x 97.83 (2485)
  • Weights lb (kg)                                             21,000 (9,525)



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