Why & How to use a Hybrid Generator

What to Know About Hybrid Generators

With constantly fluctuating fuel prices, more modern business owners are relying on hybrid generator systems for an alternative power source. If you are considering investing in a hybrid generator for your California facility, you may want to know more about the diesel hybrid generator by valley power systemsbenefits offered by one. Here are some of the best reasons to buy a hybrid unit.

Benefits of a Hybrid Generator System

Hybrid Generators Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a dangerous greenhouse gas that is known to cause significant environmental changes, and many business owners are concerned about how much CO2 their generator will release throughout its lifespan. One of the top benefits of a hybrid generator is that it’s much more energy efficient than conventional gas and diesel models. Hybrids run off a battery that’s generally charged by renewable energy sources, allowing them to emit much less carbon dioxide than other gensets on the market.

Hybrids typically work in conjunction with the main generator to deliver energy to your important business systems. When the hybrid unit senses a higher energy demand, it will provide the necessary power. The gas or diesel generator will then automatically handle the power load when the hybrid needs to charge. This process allows you to reduce the reliance on the main generator while still providing the power your facility requires to operate.

You can also save on energy by having the hybrid system manage the low power loads during your business’s off-hours. For example, if you only require enough power for security lighting overnight, leaving it to the hybrid unit can reduce your total energy consumption because you won’t have to utilize the main grid during this time.

Lowers Fuel Expenses

Since you won’t have to operate the main generator constantly, a hybrid can provide you with significant fuel savings. The reduced demand on your main unit also means it will experience less wear and tear over time. This can help the generator use fuel more efficiently for a longer period of time than it would be able to as your only backup power source. Because it won’t be used as often, the main generator will also last longer, maximizing your investment.

Provides an Uninterrupted Power Supply

For most companies, it is crucial to keep the power going at all hours. Even when you have shut down operations for the day, you will still need your perimeter lighting going and your security systems in place. An interrupted power supply can mean hours, if not days, of lost production and substantial financial losses for your business. With a hybrid unit, you can keep your systems running even if your main generator fails. Having that backup source can be great peace of mind during a power outage.

Has Quieter Operation

Traditional generators, especially diesel power systems, tend to be quite louder than their hybrid counterparts. This can be an important factor for a business owner who is concerned about onsite noise distracting their employees. A hybrid system is usually more compact and lighter in weight, resulting in considerably less noise produced by the unit. With its smaller size, you will also have more flexibility in where you place the generator.

How to Maintain Your Hybrid System

Due to their compact construction, hybrids are relatively low maintenance compared to other types of generators available. However, like any major electrical component, they still require periodic checks to ensure optimal efficiency and reliable operation. Here are some of the tasks that your maintenance technician should handle:

Change the Oil

The hybrid’s manufacturer will recommend performing oil changes at regular intervals. This will likely be after so many hours of service. For example, depending on its size and specific model, your hybrid may need an oil change after 25 running hours. This means that you will need an ample supply of oil on-hand to prepare for a power outage should you need to rely entirely on the hybrid unit. Keeping the system lubricated will ensure that the different parts of your generator can work more smoothly together, minimizing wear and tear on the unit.

Check the Filters

When filters become clogged, they aren’t as effective at keeping dirt and debris out of your generator engine. Filters should be checked often and cleaned or replaced as needed. Along with oil, you should keep a good supply of filters at your facility in case of a power failure to ensure that your hybrid can continue your operations.

Inspect the Connections

Loose connections can cause problematic power issues for your generator later, so it is recommended to check them regularly. If any terminals appear worn down, be sure to replace it immediately. This can help you avoid a potential generator failure in the future.

Clean the Generator’s Exterior

Keeping the exterior nice and clean is a good way to minimize dust around your system. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the outside of the generator, but be cautious around openings that would allow water to enter the unit. You should never use a spray bottle to wet the exterior as exposure to moisture can be detrimental to internal components, causing them to rust and corrode over time.

Exercise the Unit

You want to make sure that your hybrid unit will function the way that it should when you need it most. Power your unit on each month and then allow it to run for at least 30 minutes so it stays operational. This will help you identify any performance issues and address them in advance. The sooner that you are able to repair a problem with your generator, the better for your system. Minor issues tend to progress very quickly and cost you more money in repairs.

Hybrid Generator Power Solutions for California

Valley Power Systems has a wide variety of power solutions available for business owners in California. Our staff has the knowledge to match you with the right hybrid system for your power requirements. To learn more, contact us to speak with one of our representatives today.

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