New Dyno Capabilities

Installation, commissioning and testing is now complete for our new 5000 hp engine dyno system at our off-highway facility in Ontario, California.

This will be Valley’s largest engine dyno system, and joins a 2250 hp unit in our West Sacramento branch, another 2500 hp unit in Bakersfield, and a 500 hp unit in San Diego.  These are in addition to the truck chassis dynamometers we have in Sacramento, Bakersfield, City of Industry, Mira Loma, and San Diego.



These engine test systems are an essential part of the engine overhaul process.  It gives Valley the ability to fully test an overhauled engine to assure the engine is operating as it was designed, and making the horsepower and torque the customer is paying for.  The customer receives a unit back that is fully broken in, tested, and ready to go to work.

The new Taylor Data Acquisition System has eight available pressure monitoring and 32 temperature inputs allowing us to measure and record virtually every critical aspect of engine operation.



Our talented in-house engineering and fabrication team added the 430 feet of new custom fit piping, an additional cooing tower, water tank, and several pumps that are part of the new cooling water recycling system, designed to conserve water.

Stage 2, which will complete the system later this year, will be the addition of the second 2500 hp Taylor water brake dynamometer, bringing the system to its designed power rating of 5,000 hp.