Is It Time for a New Electric Motor? 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Is It Time for a New Electric Motor? 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Electric motors are used in many applications, from wastewater treatment and freshwater distribution to agricultural and pumping operations. They are needed to maintain the everyday operation of pumps, machine tools, fans, blowers, compressors, generators, and other industrial equipment. However, daily use of electric motors can cause them to wear and tear over time. They may begin to malfunction, require more repairs, and become less reliable overall. This can lead to downtime and financial losses for your business. valley power systems - new electric motors

Eventually, your electric motor will need replacement, but it can be challenging to determine exactly when. Here are some of the key indicators to look out for.

1. Excessive Noise

Are you hearing extra noise from your motors? While it’s normal for them to make some noise during normal operation, you should be on the lookout for increased clatter. This could be a sign of issues such as worn bearings, increased friction, or a loose part. Leaving these unaddressed can cause more problems, so you should have your electric motor inspected as soon as you notice a difference in the noise it makes. At Valley Power Systems, our repair professionals are experts in uncovering hidden problems with electric motors. We will assess the equipment and let you know if you should repair or replace it to achieve optimal functioning.

2. Frequent Breakdowns

An electric motor will only last so long before it will require significant repairs to remain efficient. If these repairs are happening more frequently, you may want to consider replacement. The cost of a new motor will outweigh the cost of repairing an old motor repeatedly. You’ll also gain the added peace of mind knowing that your new electric motor won’t be as likely to break down and disrupt your operations.

3. Increased Energy Consumption

If your electric motor is using more energy than ever before, it’s a sure sign that the unit is beginning to wear down. It’s having to work harder to maintain the same level of performance. This causes the motor to become less efficient and consume more energy. A new motor will be much more efficient, providing energy savings for your business. Our knowledgeable team at Valley Power Systems is ready to help you explore your options for energy-efficient electric motors from today’s top manufacturers.

4. Reduced Performance

As motors age, you may notice a decline in their performance. Along with being less efficient, they may also experience power fluctuations or fail to start up altogether. This unreliability can adversely impact your operations. You don’t want to have to worry that your electric motor won’t work when you need it. A new motor will provide superior performance over a motor that’s been worn out over time.

5. Overheating

Your electric motor is a complex machine that requires proper care to prevent overheating. However, overheating can occur even with the best maintenance routine. It can be caused by improper sizing, electrical overload, worn motor windings, excessive vibration, poor airflow, and contaminants. Overheating may result in irreparable damage. If your electric motor is frequently overheating, it’s time to call in a professional from Valley Power Systems. We’ll help you determine if a replacement is necessary.

Benefits of a New Electric Motor

Investing in a new electric motor provides a variety of benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to upgrade.

  • Fewer repairs

A new motor typically won’t need as many extensive repairs as an old one. This will provide you with cost savings, reducing the impact on your bottom line over time.

  • Increased efficiency

You’ll also benefit from more efficient operations and less wear and tear on the system. Your new motor will require less energy to run, which will save you on utility costs.

  • Optimal performance

A new electric motor will provide the best performance for your application over a worn-out motor. It greatly reduces the risk of your equipment breaking down and causing a disruption to your operations.

  • Peace of mind

One of the greatest benefits to a motor replacement is the peace of mind it brings. You won’t have to worry about lost productivity while you await yet another repair.

These are just a few of the benefits offered by an electric motor replacement. To explore your options, reach out to the professionals from Valley Power Systems.

Don’t Forget Electric Motor Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your new electric motor in prime condition and maximizing its lifespan. At Valley Power Systems, we offer customized maintenance contracts to help you care for your power equipment. Our highly experienced technicians can handle all maintenance needs for you promptly and professionally.

Electric motor maintenance includes:

  • Lubricating the bearings—Proper bearing lubrication will minimize friction and ensure the different moving parts of your motor are able to work together smoothly. This will also reduce wear and tear.
  • Cleaning the motor—This will prevent dust and debris from contaminating the motor and causing issues like overheating. Our technicians know how to properly clean motors without damaging any of its components.
  • Addressing vibrations—Excessive vibration can result from a range of issues, from malfunctioning gears to an unbalanced rotor. Over time, the vibration can cause damage to your motor. We will quickly uncover the source of the vibration and handle the repair.
  • Inspecting brushes—If your motor has brushes, you can expect our technicians to inspect them and replace any that might be worn out. This will help keep power flowing seamlessly.
  • Testing motor performance—One of the most important maintenance tasks is to check in on motor performance. Your technician will perform a variety of checks to ensure the motor will function as it should when needed.

At Valley Power Systems, we take a meticulous approach to our work. When we handle

your maintenance, we will address all necessary tasks as well as look for hidden issues with the motor. If we find anything that needs repair, you can count on us to offer cost-effective solutions. Addressing repairs sooner rather than later can help extend the life of your electric motor.

Having properly working electric motors is essential to your business operations. With routine maintenance, you can prevent many of the issues that result in motor failure. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance contracts!

Valley Power Systems: Your Partner in Power

At Valley Power Systems, we are proud to be an authorized dealer for U.S. Motors, the nation’s largest manufacturer of electric motors and related components. If you need a new electric motor, you can count on our highly knowledgeable staff to locate a suitable replacement at a cost-effective price. We also offer maintenance and repair services to keep your operations running so that you can deliver the timely service that your customers rely on.

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Valley Power Systems has been serving California businesses since 1949, and we have grown to become a top provider of power products and services. We understand the critical role that electric motors play in your business, and we have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Contact Valley Power Systems today to speak to a sales representative!

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