What’s the Best Fuel for a Power System?

What’s the Best Fuel for a Power System?

As you search for a new power system for your business, you may be overwhelmed with all of the options available on the market today. One of the most important choices that you will need to make before your purchase is which fuel source you will be using for the unit. Most commercial and industrial companies opt for diesel or natural gas generators. Hybrid models are also becoming increasingly popular. But how do you know which one is best for your business?

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At Valley Power Systems, we want to help you make the best purchase decision. In this blog, we will explore each type of power system as well as some maintenance care tips that you will need once it’s installed at your facility. 

Diesel Power Systems

Long-lasting diesel engines are extremely popular in the industrial sector, often used for manufacturing, agriculture, and more. Diesel is a type of liquid fuel that’s stored in a tank until it is needed to run the engine. Diesel generators are ideal for your large-scale power needs. 

The main benefits of diesel fuel include:

  • Durability: Diesel generators are known to withstand many years of regular usage. They have fewer components to maintain than gas-powered engines, which reduces your maintenance needs over time.  With proper care, a diesel engine will generally outlast a comparable natural gas model, which further maximizes your investment. 
  • Ease of installation: Unlike a natural gas generator, a diesel unit can be installed virtually anywhere on your property. This can be extremely convenient when you’re designing a new site and don’t want to be limited to utilizing the natural gas pipeline system. You just need to keep safety precautions in mind, such as not installing the unit close to any doors, windows, or vents. 
  • Better fuel efficiency: Diesel is generally more expensive to buy than natural gas. However, due to having a higher energy density, diesel fuel will last longer over time when you compare it to the same amount of natural gas. 
  • Safer fuel: The National Fire Protection Association rates diesel as less flammable than natural gas because it is typically only ignitable when heated. This can provide you with peace of mind during accidental fuel spills when it comes time to refill.  

Natural Gas Power Systems

Due to their easy and efficient fuel supply, generators that are powered by natural gas are another common choice for today’s business owners.  They are hooked to the property’s natural gas pipeline, ensuring that you have a reliable fuel source when you need it most. 

Other advantages of natural gas include:

  • Eco-friendly operation: Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, so it emits considerably fewer toxins into the air than other types of fossil fuels.  
  • Less noise pollution: These engines are known to operate much quieter than their diesel counterparts. This may be an important factor to consider if noise is an issue at your site. To further reduce noise, you can install a sound attenuating enclosure for the generator. 
  • Easy fuel access: With a natural gas generator, you won’t have to worry about having to run out to buy fuel in the middle of an emergency. 
  • Affordability: While you might pay more for your natural gas generator, you will find that the fuel is much cheaper to use than diesel. This can help compensate for the initial cost over time. 

Hybrid Power Systems

With fuel prices on the rise, many business owners are turning to hybrid power to help run their critical electrical systems. These gensets often work in conjunction with a traditional generator to offset some of the energy load. They are ideal for managing lower power requirements, such as during overnight hours to operate perimeter lighting and security systems. 

Hybrid power systems are a great choice for reducing your overall fuel costs and improving your carbon footprint. They produce much less carbon dioxide (CO2) than conventional units since they run off a battery that’s charged by renewable sources like solar and wind. If your business has been focusing on “green” initiatives, an environmentally friendly hybrid generator will help you meet your objectives while providing a dependable power source.    

Maintaining Your Power System

Once you have selected a generator power system for your building, you will need to consider how it will be maintained over the years. At Valley Power Systems, we always recommend professional maintenance. This will ensure the job is done right by a properly trained technician while leaving you more time to focus on your business. With regular maintenance, you can reduce the risk of power interruptions and system breakdowns that can cost businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Our fully trained and certified technicians handle a wide range of generator maintenance and repair needs, including:

    • Oil and filter changes: These will go a long way toward extending the lifespan of your unit. Your power system will need its first oil change service after so many service hours, as recommended by the manufacturer. It’s vital to stick to the maintenance schedule to keep your unit in prime condition. 
  • Coolant sampling: This should be done periodically to ensure the system’s coolant quality. Over time, coolant will degrade as contaminants begin to build up. A professional technician will be able to sample the coolant, assess its quality, and handle the coolant flush, if needed.  
    • Hose leak repairs: Hose leaks can cost result in significant energy waste, significantly impacting your bottom line. Our team has the tools to check for the smallest leaks and take care of the repairs for you promptly. 
    • System inspections: We will also look for other issues that can impact your system, such as worn-out connections or belts. When parts begin to deteriorate, they make your generator less efficient, which will increase your fuel usage and overall wear and tear. Our technicians will ensure these parts are replaced promptly to prevent a breakdown.  
  • Engine exercises: Running the engine during maintenance will keep the battery charged and allow us to check for overall performance problems. With this knowledge, we will recommend the most cost-effective repairs to get your system running like new again. 
  • And more! 

When assessing a power system, we take a meticulous approach to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Our team is expertly trained to look for hidden issues that can make your power system less efficient. We always recommend handling these minor problems now before they have a chance to progress. Prompt repairs will keep your generator in peak condition and reduce the risk of more expensive repair needs down the line.  

Discover Your Options Today!

Are you looking for power solutions in California? Valley Power Systems has you covered with a wide range of commercial and industrial power products. We offer diesel, natural gas, and hybrid models from top industry manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team can help you select the right one for your business, install it professionally, and handle any maintenance or repairs it needs over the years. From oil changes to complete engine overhauls, our technicians have the skills and expertise to keep your power systems up and running so that you can stay in business. 

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