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What to Know About Remote Monitoring

As a modern business owner, you may appreciate the high-tech features that are available with new generators. One of these optional components is a remote monitoring system designed to make commercial operations easier. This advanced system can help you keepman handling remote monitoring systems up with what your generator needs to deliver reliable power. If you are considering upgrading to a new generator, here’s what you should know about remote monitoring.

Have 24/7 Remote Access

One of the biggest advantages to remote monitoring is being able to access your generator from anywhere you may be. Your generator’s remote monitoring system will work via Wi-Fi to provide real-time updates to a synced device. By accessing the system’s software from a laptop, PC, or smartphone, you can remotely start/stop the generator, load/unload the unit, track its operational status, and much more. Imagine being on vacation across the country and receiving an alert on your smartphone that your generator’s battery voltage is extremely low. You can send a technician to repair or replace the battery right away. As a business owner, you’ll benefit from the way remote monitoring allows you to prevent shutdowns and address repair needs without having to return to the physical location.

System Alerts Save You Time

With remote monitoring, you will receive text and email notifications of the system’s status and be alerted to many of the common issues that can result in generator failure. This means that you will be able to pinpoint exact issues and spend less time troubleshooting problems with the unit. It’s like having your own personal technician looking over your generator 24/7!

Using the available data from the remote monitoring system, you can operate the generator, clear alarms, and diagnose problems with the unit no matter where you might be at the time. Many problems can be addressed remotely in real-time without having to dispatch a technician to the site, which will save you time and money while keeping your generator running optimally. Generally, the system will allow you to monitor:

  • Actual fuel levels
  • Battery voltage
  • Oil levels
  • Coolant levels
  • Power on/power off
  • Engine temperature
  • Unauthorized system activity
  • System exercise reports
  • Urgent maintenance needs

Today’s monitoring systems give you the data that you need to ensure your unit will be able to deliver power to your critical business systems whether you’re onsite or a thousand miles away.

Track Levels Easier With Automatic Reporting

You can program your remote monitoring system to provide regular reports on fuel, oil, and coolant your remote monitoring system’s levels, which is essential in knowing how efficient your unit is running. If you notice your system is gradually using more fuel, oil, or coolant, it means that your generator isn’t as efficient as it used to be. There could be a leak, or the reduced efficiency could simply be the result of the normal wear and tear that occurs over time. Thanks to the automatic reports of your remote monitoring system, you will know about reduced efficiency sooner rather than later and can make informed decisions regarding repairing or replacing your power equipment.

Remote Monitoring Saves You Money

While you will incur an up-front expense for the system and an annual subscription fee for the related software, remote monitoring can potentially save you thousands of dollars in lost production. This is well worth the investment for many business owners. If your power fails, even one day of downtime can result in significant financial losses. Your remote monitoring system will alert you to problems that you may not have known about. Handling them early on can save you a lot of money on bigger repairs later down the line. This will allow you to handle them quickly so that you can keep power flowing to your necessary electrical systems.

Remote Monitoring Allows for Proactive Maintenance

Remote monitoring systems help take the guesswork out of servicing your generator. In fact, the system will notifies you of potential issues. You can address them quickly before they require extensive repairs. This minimizes the risk of power disruptions that can result in downtime for your business. You will receive an alert when scheduled maintenance is needed, and you can call your service provider to handle it right away. They will already know what is going on with the system, so they won’t have to spend unnecessary time troubleshooting the unit, saving you time and money.

Remote monitoring helps keep maintenance on track so that your system remains in peak condition. If the technician notices any other issues with the genset while they’re performing the service, you can address them before they have a chance to progress and impact your system’s performance.

We’ve discovered that our customers wonder if a remote monitor is necessary when they get regular maintenance service. The short answer is yes! Although, even if you make sure that your generator receives regular service, a problem could come up between maintenance intervals. After all, you could go months between maintenance, depending on your model and power usage. Since a remote monitoring system can help identify issues early on, you can be more proactive with the repairs. The sooner you complete repairs, the fewer issues your system is likely to experience. This will save you on repair expenses later down the line and help to extend the life of your unit.

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Regardless of their brand, all generators need service at some point. A cost-effective remote monitoring system can help you keep a watchful eye on your unit 24/7. You can have peace of mind knowing that your system will work when you need it most.

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