Power Generation for Industrial Business

Turnkey Power Solutions

When your company or technicians operate off the road, there is a high risk of slowdowns and business interruptions. Remote worksites, off-road projects, and active construction sites all rely on power services that continuously operate without fail—and if they fail, everything starts to lag. Valley Power Systems specializes in ensuring both on-highway and off-highway operations stay powered, and we provide round-the-clock access to power generation solutions, maintenance and parts replacement services, and more. Don’t let interruptions in power through your off-highway projects off schedule.

Get Power Generation Equipment—Where and When You Need It

The further you are from the major roadways and cities, the harder it is to operate at 100% efficiency. That’s precisely why we’ve built our off-highway services for industries like agriculture, construction, remote municipal facilities, and others—you need access to power supplies and parts you can rely on

24/7 Emergency Availability

Valley Power Systems stays open 24/7 to serve our clients during an emergency or sudden breakdown. If the power goes out at your facility or you don’t have enough functioning generators at your construction site, call us to solve the problem. We provide generator rentals, parts, 24-hour access to emergency replacement parts, and generators for sale.

Our team of power service maintenance experts can also drive out to your location for emergency repairs, custom maintenance services, and emissions monitoring. Reach out to our team to arrange a service schedule, or call us any time for an emergency response.

Power Generator Maintenance for Continuous Performance and Operations

Work simply can’t get done without power. Power generators are an efficient, reliable solution for many remote facilities and temporary operations centers. Whether your crew is in the middle of a construction deadline, you’re conducting inspections of remote power stations or wastewater installations, or you have a large agricultural property far from the power lines, generators provide the electricity you need to power equipment, the lights, and tech.

We can equip your teams with new power generation systems for purchase to rent. And if your current systems begin to fail, we can provide comprehensive parts, repairs, and servicing to get them back in working order. Our power solutions include:

  • Engines and replacement engine components
  • Power generators ranging from small to industrial
  • Replacement parts for power generators
  • Diesel engines
  • Rental and for-purchase generators

Serving Multiple Industries

Since 1949, our team has been committed to serving major industries across the state of California with power supply systems, especially when our clients are facing remote working conditions that demand unique solutions. We serve the following industries with power generators, replacement parts, and comprehensive services:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Industry
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Plants
  • Rail
  • Wastewater Facilities

Many of these industries require large amounts of power far from the beaten path. Whether cutting down trees in remote forests, conducting exploratory mining operations, building a new industrial or power facility, or installing new irrigation systems for a large industrial farm, our team can be right there with you to ensure you have reliable AC and DC whenever needed.

Valley Power has been a full-service supplier to the off-highway marketplace for over 60 years and offers a well-rounded product lineup with a versatile power range to support the specialized needs of any application. Our engineering and sales teams are factory-trained and well-respected in the industry and can design a solution for your specific power needs.

Our Manufacturers

Contact Valley Power Systems in California for Industrial Power Solutions

Valley Power Systems is a trusted name in off-highway power services across California. Contact us today to learn more about the suppliers we work with and the products we carry when your procurement departments are looking for a new partner, or speak to our maintenance team about creating custom maintenance contracts that fit your organization’s unique needs throughout the seasons. Whether you need ongoing support, temporary services, or assistance for midnight power emergencies, we’re just a call away. Reach out to your nearest location for assistance.

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