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Winter Power Outages: Be Prepared

Winter Power Outages: Be Prepared

According to Climate Central, with data collected from the nation’s major utility companies, winter weather has been the cause of 22% of power outages in the United States over the past 21 years. California is among the top states that experiences the most weather-related power outages.  The surge in these power outages can be linked to extreme weather changes, such as heat waves, ice storms, hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires, which have grown in intensity over the years due to climate change. The nation’s electrical infrastructure isn’t equipped to handle the increase in electricity demand when these events occur, often leading to power outages for hours, days, and in some cases, even weeks. industrial diesel generator for winter power outages You don’t want to be unprepared when an outage happens. The best way to protect yourself, your...
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Buy the Right Diesel Truck

Why You Need to Buy the Right Truck the First Time

Thinking about investing in a diesel truck for your business? That’s exciting, but it’s also a decision you’ll need to consider from several different angles. You’ve probably already made a list of requirements and put together a budget. But we would also encourage you to talk to a trusted dealer, visit a few colleagues, and even check on details like financing, insurance, and maintenance. We advise all of this caution because it’s important to get the diesel truck you need on the first attempt. There are a lot of decisions in your business that can be changed or reconsidered later, but buying heavy equipment is a bit different. If you can make the right call the first time, it’s going to not only provide you with better value, but also make everything that comes later much easier. diesel truck sales valley... 						
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What to Know About Electric Motors


The world of electric motors can be daunting. How do they work? What size do I need? How many do I need to power my operation? The experts at Valley Power Systems can electric motors - valley power systems help you with all of that. As an authorized distributor for U.S. Motors, we can help you determine which electric motor(s) will best suit your business needs.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

A VFD is a type of controller used to vary the speed of an electric motor. The VFD takes a fixed AC voltage and frequency and allows it to be adjusted in order to get different speeds from the motor. Motor speed can be varied by changing the frequency of the input power waveform. The equation below shows how the frequency affects the speed of a three-phase induction motor.   120* Fundamental Input Frequency Speed = -------------------------------------------------- Number of Motor Poles  


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