Valley Power Systems is a founding member of the WheelTime truck service network… With WheelTime, you can depend on Quality Truck Care – bumper to bumper and coast to coast.

If you just want a truck repair, you can try your luck anywhere. If you want to feel confident that it’s done right, trust the experts at Valley to get you back on the road with minimal fuss.

What is Quality Truck Care?

With WheelTime’s truck service Network, you can depend on Quality Truck Care – bumper to bumper and coast to coast. Here are just a few of the reasons truck operators know they can depend on WheelTime to maximize uptime and profit:

  • WheelTime service providers get it right the first time. We have the deep knowledge and expertise to tackle and resolve your most complex truck repair challenges.
  • Like you, we’re people who believe in fairness, respect and courtesy. Our goal is to focus on what we know matters most—getting you back to business as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Your expectations will be exceeded. That’s because WheelTime service providers are bound by the exclusive WheelTime Promise, which includes objective metrics for measuring and delivering quality truck repairs. Furthermore, all work is backed by WheelTime’s Quality Truck Care Guarantee.

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How are WheelTime truck service providers different?

Truck repair consistency and quality are your top priorities – and ours. In fact, we’re the only independent truck repair Network that promotes and publishes our objective quality measures. Here are a few more ways WheelTime leads the industry:

  • Support throughout North America: At WheelTime, our goal is to provide consistent, high quality service at every location, every time. Our Network is comprised of nearly 200 technically proficient truck parts and service providers spanning all major routes across 50 states and Canada.
  • Technical proficiency: You won’t find a more experienced or qualified partner than WheelTime. Every WheelTime location is a factory authorized Detroit Diesel, Mercedes-Benz and Allison Transmission service point. Our technical foundation and years of experience make us comfortable handling your most difficult repair challenges, whatever they may be.
  • We’ll know you everywhere: Our system can capture a detailed service profile for customers using multiple locations. Your profile carefully tracks your specific needs, preferences and desired terms.


We can do it all.

Through WheelTime, Valley Power can manage your truck repairs and maintenance for you. Contact a Valley Power representative today to learn how we can lower costs and give you more flexibility to profitably manage changing market dynamics.


For more information, contact us at:

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