Why Use Hybrid Generators?

Top Reasons to Consider Hybrid Generators

As technology advances and fuel prices increase, more and more industrial consumers are turning to hybrid generators for their power needs. These battery-powered generators offer a number of key advantages that we’ll explore below.

1. Greener Work Practices

One of the main reasons that people opt for hybrid generators is that they have Hybrid Generator Options Valley Power Systems California significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional gas and diesel units. The hybrid uses renewable energy sources like solar or wind to charge the battery and is often combined with a traditional fuel generator. When your energy demand increases, electing to run the hybrid will reduce the running time of the fuel-powered generator, allowing for more eco-friendly production.

2. Reduced Fuel Costs

With a hybrid unit, you won’t need to run your traditional generator nearly as often. This can result in great fuel savings over time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about stocking up on as much fuel in the event of a power outage because you will have your hybrid unit as a backup energy source for your facility.

3. Minimize Noise Onsite

Diesel generators are known to be quite noisy—in fact, many of them emit sound as loud as 75 Dba, which is equivalent to freeway traffic. This can be quite distracting for your team onsite. Hybrid generators, however, are relatively silent in their operation, so they make a great choice when you want to avoid that excessive noise.

4. Automated Power System

Hybrid generators are often equipped with advanced control systems that are designed to make it easy to monitor the generator’s status and adjust its settings. Many control panels allow you to start and stop the system as well as track voltage, running time, oil pressure, temperature, and other important features.

5. Size

Hybrid models tend to be lighter and more compact than other types of generators. This allows for quieter operation as well as more versatility in generator placement.

6. Continuous Supply of Power

Having a reliable power source is essential for any industrial operation. A power failure can have a negative impact on your bottom line as downtime can result in lost production. Having a backup hybrid generator will ensure uninterrupted power should your main generator shutdown for any length of time. While the generator is being repaired, your hybrid will pick up the power load so that you don’t have to worry about experiencing any financial losses.

When are Hybrid Generators a Smart Choice?

A hybrid generator can keep your power flowing without disruption. When the main power fails, the generator will automatically detect it and then provide the power that your facility needs to operate. A hybrid model is especially beneficial when:

  • It is used in a location with limited fuel access.
  • Your work site can’t accommodate a heavy-duty generator.
  • The power grid isn’t accessible, so you need to use it as a main power source.

A hybrid generator can also be a good choice for those times when your facility’s power load requirements are much lower. For example, during your off-hours, your facility likely still has a few power systems running, such as exterior lighting. You won’t be using nearly as much power during these times, so there’s no need to run your main generator if you have a hybrid that can handle the requirements on its own. Utilizing the hybrid unit whenever you can will save you on fuel as well as energy costs.

Maintaining Hybrid Generators

Unlike other types of generators, hybrid systems are relatively low maintenance. However, they still need to be serviced regularly to ensure reliable operation and many years of uninterrupted use. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your generator in prime running condition.

Oil and Filter Change

Oil changes are key to keeping your system well-lubricated so that it will run smoothly. The manufacturer will recommend an oil change after so many service hours. It’s extremely important to maintain this schedule throughout the life of your generator to maximize its overall efficiency. Don’t forgot to change your filters, too. When filters become clogged, dirt and other debris can enter the system and cause extra wear and tear, which could result in the unit breaking down. A fresh filter is key to ensuring a clean system as well as proper air flow.

Unit Test

If your hybrid generator isn’t being used every day, you will also want to check its function regularly. It is recommended to run it for at least 30 minutes each month to make sure it will operate as it should when you need it most. This will also allow you to catch any early problems with the system. Keep in mind that minor issues can progress very quickly, so they should be addressed immediately to prevent needing a more extensive repair later that would likely cost you a lot more money.

Exterior Inspection

At every maintenance check, you should also inspect the exterior of your generator. Any loose connections on the system should be tightened. This is usually a job you can handle yourself. If you notice corrosion around any of the generator’s terminals or wiring, you should have the part replaced promptly to avoid a malfunction. During your inspection, you might also see an accumulation of dust on your generator. You can clean it off with a slightly damp cloth—just don’t spray any water directly on the unit. The last thing you want to worry about is excess moisture wreaking havoc on your system.

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