Considerations When Buying a Power Generator

When a power outage happens, it leaves your business vulnerable. You rely on a consistent flow of power to keep your company running each and every day. When that power source is disrupted, your lighting and security systems will shut down, putting your facility at great risk. You’ll also lose valuable production time until the power is restored, which can take hours or, in some cases, days. 

Why Have a Backup Power Generator?

Severe weather conditions, car accidents, and utility equipment failure can cause a blackout at any time without warning. One of the best things that you can do to protect your business is to invest in a generator power system. If this is the first time that you have considered a generator, you’ll notice that there are many makes and models available on generators for power outages - closed store sign in window - california the...
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Remote Monitoring Systems

What to Know About Remote Monitoring

As a modern business owner, you may appreciate the high-tech features that are available with new generators. One of these optional components is a remote monitoring system designed to make commercial operations easier. This advanced system can help you keepman handling remote monitoring systems up with what your generator needs to deliver reliable power. If you are considering upgrading to a new generator, here’s what you should know about remote monitoring.

Have 24/7 Remote Access

One of the biggest advantages to remote monitoring is being able to access your generator from anywhere you may be. Your generator’s remote monitoring system will work via Wi-Fi to provide real-time updates to a synced device. By accessing the system’s software from a laptop, PC, or smartphone, you can remotely start/stop the generator, load/unload the unit, track its operational status, and much more. Imagine being on vacation across the country and receiving an...
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Best Fuel for Your Generator

Choosing the Best Fuel Option for Your Generator

When you purchase a new generator, one of the most important considerations that you’ll need to make is which fuel it will use. Each fuel type offers distinctive benefits. While there isn’t a “wrong” choice, the right one for you will depend on your facility’s power needs, your budget, and your individual preferences. Industrial standby generators typically run off natural gas or diesel fuel.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Many business owners rely on natural gas for their backup power systems. Natural gas offers a number of benefits, including:
  • Consistent Fuel Supply: Natural gas runs through a pipeline system that’s already in place, making it very convenient for business owners who don’t want to worry about storing fuel on-site.
  • Minimized Noise Levels: Generators that use natural gas tend to make less noise than their diesel counterparts.
  • Clean Fuel Source: Natural gas is a clean-burning fossil fuel that generates significantly less air pollution than diesel fuel.
  • ...
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Industrial Generator Myths 

Debunking Industrial Generator Myths 

You may have a lot of questions when it comes time to install a new industrial generator. It’s essential to separate fact from fiction to make the best decisions regarding your power equipment. Below, we’ll debunk some of the most common myths surrounding industrial generators.

Myth 1: Generator Size Is Unimportant

Many businesses make the mistake of purchasing a smaller generator and later find out that it’s unable to keep up with their growing power needs. Using a low-capacity generator can overload the system, resulting in excessive wear and tear and eventual equipment failure. Alternatively, utilizing a generator that’s too large can lead to wet stacking, which is the accumulation of unburned fuel in the exhaust system. This happens when a generator doesn’t use enough of its load capacity. Wet stacking can cause reduced efficiency, engine damage, and other issues in the system. The size you need will depend on your power requirements,...
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Using Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel

Biodiesel Fuel: An Alternative Fuel Source

As companies become more environmentally aware, the call for alternative fuel sources is on the rise. This has led to more and more businesses turning to biodiesel fuel for power sources like generators in place of using traditional fossil fuels. Biodiesel fuel is renewable and biodegradable, making it more environmentally friendly than non-renewable sources like natural gas and crude oil, which is used to make the diesel fuel that many industrial facilities still rely on.

What Are the Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel?

Here are some main advantages of using biodiesel fuel:
  • Renewable: One of the biggest benefits of using biodiesel fuel is that it can be produced on demand, which won’t always be the case for fossil fuels. Natural gas and crude oil will eventually run out and have people looking for other alternatives. Biodiesel is manufactured from vegetable oil that originates from agricultural crops. It can also be made...
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