Equipment Purchases: Should Employees Help?

Should Employees Give Input on Equipment Purchases?

We always advise any business owners or operations managers to get an opinion from a trusted dealer before deciding to buy a diesel truck, a generator, or some other piece of heavy equipment for their business. The power and transportation are important to your bottom line, and you want a team with experience and perspective on your side.  But what about getting input from the other direction? Should you ask for opinions from managers, mechanics, or even drivers and frontline employees when making equipment purchases? This is a question we get employee-equipment-purchases-california-valley-power-systemsasked from time to time, particularly as our customers start thinking about the issues and challenges of buying things like big engines and expensive boats for their companies. You can probably make an argument either way. In our experience, having some input from employees can be valuable. But at the same...
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Power Equipment; How Important Are Brands?

How Important Are Power Equipment Brands When Choosing Engines and Power Solutions?

When you’re about to make a big capital investment – like the purchase of a diesel engine or generator, for example – every detail matters. But then again, so does every penny. Maybe that’s why we hear questions about the importance of choosing the right brand so often. Sometimes, customers come to us with specific brands and models in mind. On valley power systems power equipmentother occasions they simply want the lowest cost, or the power equipment that can deliver them the highest price-to-performance ratio on paper.  In other words, some business owners and executives are brand loyal while others are cost concerned. In fact, they might even think that bigger brands are less attractive because they entail higher costs. Which side is correct? How much attention should you pay to branding, if any at all? Are...
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Power Plan; The Wrong One Can Cost Big Money

4 Ways the Wrong Power Plan Can Cost Your Business Big Money

In our business you learn some interesting things. For instance, you find out that choosing a piece of equipment always has a carry-on effect. Choosing a certain model of diesel generator, for example, doesn’t just come down to decisions about horsepower – there are also cost, compatibility, and consistency issues to address. For that reason, much of what we do for our customers could be thought of as financial as well as operational. What we do affects the bottom line in the same way that it impacts day-to-day functionality. In fact, that might be the most important and significant contribution we make to our customers’ businesses. power plan valley power systems California Business owners and executives don’t always appreciate the degree to which our work...
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About a Net-Zero Power World

How Your Business Can Start Thinking About a Net-Zero Power World

California’s net-zero energy policy – which aims to balance all carbon emissions within the state by 2045 – has produced mixed reactions from business leaders. Some applaud the attempt to move toward climate-friendly equipment policies. Others might worry what the net-zero power valley power systemschanges will mean for their capital costs, not to mention the logistics of transportation and day-to-day operations. Many are undoubtedly taking a “wait-and-see” approach. Regardless of opinion, however, one thing is clear: some version of this rule (and others like it) are going to arrive in the near future. The question for those in industry, then, isn’t whether to accept the change but how fast to adapt. That’s certainly the approach we are taking at Valley Power. Although we have traditionally supplied and serviced diesel engines and generators, our real mission is to ensure...
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Keep Up With Remote Monitoring

Keep Up With Remote Monitoring

Generators have come a long way over the years. Today, they are equipped with many technological innovations, like remote monitoring, to make operation more convenient. If you’re in the market for a new generator, you will find that a remote monitoring system can provide a host of benefits for your business. Here’s what you need to know to make the best purchase decision. 

What Is Remote Monitoring? 

With remote monitoring capability, you will be able to access your power system no matter where you might be. This is especially important if your building happens to experience a power failure when you’re off-site. You’ll be able to see the status of your generator in real-time and ensure that it’s up and running your equipment until the main power is restored. 

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

There’s a host of advantages to using a remote monitoring system.
  • Get...

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