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Valley Power Systems: Your Diesel Generator Guide

Valley Power Systems: Your Diesel Generator Guide

Are you considering purchasing a new generator? A generator is a significant investment that can cost anywhere from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the system's make, model, and size. You want to ensure you purchase the right system for your site. Valley Power Systems is your diesel generator guide, from the initial purchase and installation to any service needs. valley power systems diesel generator guide - picture of a diesel generator outside One of the most important considerations you’ll need to make with a new generator is which fuel it will use. If you’re considering diesel as the fuel source, there are some great benefits you should know about. Here are some of the top reasons to invest in a diesel generator for your business.

Extreme Durability

Diesel generators are popular among industrial leaders because these systems are incredibly durable compared to other...
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Portable and Standby Generators

Portable vs. Standby Power Systems

Are you considering purchasing a generator power system for your business? There are many types of generators available on the market today, but it can be challenging to know which one is right for your needs. Valley Power Systems of California is here to help you make the best decision. portable standby generator - valley power systems   As you navigate your generator options, you will notice that there are quality portable and standby models for you to choose from. Both of these systems are capable of supplying the necessary power when you need it most, but they do have distinct differences that might make one a better fit for your power requirements than the other. With this guide, you can feel confident that you have the knowledge that you need to make an informed purchase for your business. 

Portable Power...

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Summer 2023 Generator Maintenance

Summer 2023: How to Improve Your Generator’s Efficiency

Summer is here, which means increased energy costs for businesses all throughout California. This is a great time of year to consider how you can improve the efficiency of your generator power system. At Valley Power Systems, we know that taking the proper steps will not only help your unit operate more efficiently, but it will also save you on summer portable standby generator energy expenses and maximize the lifespan of your generator. Here are our best tips for improving the efficiency of your power system just in time for the scorching summer months ahead. 

Maintain Clean Air Filters

Dirty air filters are a top contributor to reduced efficiency for generator power systems. Your filters are designed to trap dust, dirt, and other debris to keep these particles from damaging the engine. However, a dirty filter will limit airflow...
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California Standby Generators for Your Business 

7 Reasons You Need a California Standby Generator for Your Business 

Have you considered what would happen if the power were to just suddenly fail at your business? Maybe you have a portable generator, which is great for emergency power needs. However, it likely will not be able to sustain your operations at the same level as a california standby generators from Valley Power Systems standby system would during a power failure. Standby systems are ideal for industrial and commercial facilities with large power requirements. With many sizes available, they are capable of supplying power for numerous devices and electronic equipment at once.  At Valley Power Systems, we want to ensure our California customers are prepared for the unexpected, which is why we often recommend having a standby generator in place. In this blog, we’ll explore seven reasons why you should invest in one of these reliable power...
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