Is It Time for a New Electric Motor? 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Electric motors are used in many applications, from wastewater treatment and freshwater distribution to agricultural and pumping operations. They are needed to maintain the everyday operation of pumps, machine tools, fans, blowers, compressors, generators, and other industrial equipment. However, daily use of electric motors can cause them to wear and tear over time. They may begin to malfunction, require more repairs, and become less reliable overall. This can lead to downtime and financial losses for your business. valley power systems - new electric motors Eventually, your electric motor will need replacement, but it can be challenging to determine exactly when. Here are some of the key indicators to look out for.

1. Excessive Noise

Are you hearing extra noise from your motors? While it’s normal for them to make some noise during normal operation, you should be on the lookout for increased clatter. This could...
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